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"Quetzalcoatl gave us the corn, we transform it for your delight"


40 years part of the mexican market

Our story begins 40 years ago...


Organización Sheryn is one of the first companies in Mexico City to produce, pack and distribute tostadas mostly in small grocery stores. The lack of tostadas in small businesses gave us the opportunity to bring this delicious food closer and more accessible to Mexican families.

Delighting exquisite tastes, we have created a variety of products such as;

  • Tostadas Sheryn (The Clover)

  • Tostadas Emperador Light(The white and red stripes)

  • Tostiss (smaller version of the Clover)

  • Chilaquiles

  • Sopa de torilla


Among other products.  We have become the favorite choice for Tostadas in Mexican homes.

I, as spokesperson of the brand stand for the great quality of our products. Always crunchy, fresh and delicious for any Mexican food.  

We appreciate your preference.

Tostadas,chilaquiles, tostiss...


We make our products with the best standards and healthy ingredients to deliver the highest quality Tostada. We use sea salt, vegetable oil, no artificial ingredients and our products are completely gluten free.


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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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An ancient legend tells the story that before the arrival of the god Quetzalcoatl, the Aztecs only consumed roots and game animals; they did not eat corn because it was beyond their reach, hidden behind the massive mountains surrounding the city.

 The other gods had already sought to part the mountains for the Aztecs to gain access to this precious food, but they never succeeded.

The Aztec people sent their priests to ask Quetzalcoatl to help them get the corn. He answered them that he would go and bring them back this precious food. All of the other gods had already tried to move the mountains by using force, Quetzalcoatl decided to use something more powerful… intelligence.

Quetzalcoatl was transformed into a small black ant and in the company of a red made his way toward the mountains.

 The path presented many difficulties, but one by one he overcame them, determined to move forward by the thought of helping the Aztec people.

After several days, Quetzalcoatl arrived at the back of the mountains where he found the corn and, being an ant, took a grain between his teeth and began his journey back.

 Once he returned to his people, he handed over the grain of corn to be planted.

From that day onward, the Aztecs were devoted to cultivating and harvesting the corn plant and thus become a strong people, full of riches and achieving an impressive development of beautiful cities, temples, and palaces.


Quetzalcoatl and the corn plant

The legend of corn



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